Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Most Recent Finds

I shouldn't have stopped!  I shouldn't have stopped!  Last night, I stopped at Einstein's Attic, a little thrift store I love that is just down the street and around the corner from me.  Among a few Christmas presents I can't mention right now, I got the following really cool stuff!

First were these two books in "The Boy Scouts" boys' series from the early 20th century.  These are volumes one and two.

I also got this pack of 15 Flair Squares in the blue and green Wildflowers pattern, no. 2708-C 68-A.  The pack was $1.00!  I usually see this pattern in the brown and yellow version.

I also purchased a Christmas tin (not in photo, but a little newer) for $2.00.  Inside, were these vintage ornaments and pins.

I can't believe all the stuff they have in there, every time I go in!  They also have a ton of vintage owl stuff (including a huge clock - the clock had an 18" owl on each side, one snowy owl and one with ear tufts), some cool vintage aprons, other vintage textiles, typewriters, vintage furnishings and accessories, etc.  I never fail to find fun stuff there!

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