Monday, April 15, 2013

Family Pets

In looking at old family photos, I'm amazed at how many have pets (most always dogs) in them!  I thought I'd show some of them here.  Of course, mine are in the left-hand sidebar, both living and deceased.  Here's my mom's current Dane, Lucy:
My daughter's dog Ruben meeting Mom's Lucy:
My paternal grandmother in the 1920s with a family dog:
My maternal grandmother, probably in the 1950s, with Come-here, Kilts, and Buster:
My mom with either Come-here or Buster:
My maternal grandmother with my mom's boxer, Kimmy:
My great-grandfather walking home from the barns with two family dogs:
My maternal grandfather with a family dog:
My mom with her dolls and a dog:
A family dog, simply marked "Molly:"
My mom with Jason, the English Setter and Candy, the Wire-Haired Fox Terrier in 1967:
Here's another of the trio, Come-here, Kilts and Buster (not sure which is which in this photo, although Kilts is at the far right):
Here's one of my mom and a "family" calf:
And her mom with a couple of the family sheep:
Here's a much older one, circa 1900 or so - my great-great grandparents (seated at center) with their three living children at the time (including my great-grandmother at right).  Off to the right in the grass, you can see what must be the family dog:
Here's one with my dad (child at left) and his little brother inside and a cat outside the window - might not be a family pet, but may be a neighbor's cat:
Here's one of my grandfather and his cousin atop his pony, probably around 1913:
And a cute one of my mom, I think with her grandpa, and one of many Scottish Terriers, probably either named Tam-o-shanter or Kilts:
Seems we've just about always had pets in our family - and in our hearts!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Spring!

Here's what was outside this morning!  Lovely early spring day, isn't it?

Looks a little too white to me!

But the good news is that, for the first time, I think my rosemary plant has survived the winter.  It was the first time I left it on the back porch instead of by a basement window.  It was also the first time I really pretty much neglected it.  I usually mist them periodically (until they die), and water as indicated.  This year I watered it just one time, and that was a couple of weeks ago.

Looks pretty good, huh?  Like it might just make it a few more weeks!