Monday, April 15, 2013

Family Pets

In looking at old family photos, I'm amazed at how many have pets (most always dogs) in them!  I thought I'd show some of them here.  Of course, mine are in the left-hand sidebar, both living and deceased.  Here's my mom's current Dane, Lucy:
My daughter's dog Ruben meeting Mom's Lucy:
My paternal grandmother in the 1920s with a family dog:
My maternal grandmother, probably in the 1950s, with Come-here, Kilts, and Buster:
My mom with either Come-here or Buster:
My maternal grandmother with my mom's boxer, Kimmy:
My great-grandfather walking home from the barns with two family dogs:
My maternal grandfather with a family dog:
My mom with her dolls and a dog:
A family dog, simply marked "Molly:"
My mom with Jason, the English Setter and Candy, the Wire-Haired Fox Terrier in 1967:
Here's another of the trio, Come-here, Kilts and Buster (not sure which is which in this photo, although Kilts is at the far right):
Here's one of my mom and a "family" calf:
And her mom with a couple of the family sheep:
Here's a much older one, circa 1900 or so - my great-great grandparents (seated at center) with their three living children at the time (including my great-grandmother at right).  Off to the right in the grass, you can see what must be the family dog:
Here's one with my dad (child at left) and his little brother inside and a cat outside the window - might not be a family pet, but may be a neighbor's cat:
Here's one of my grandfather and his cousin atop his pony, probably around 1913:
And a cute one of my mom, I think with her grandpa, and one of many Scottish Terriers, probably either named Tam-o-shanter or Kilts:
Seems we've just about always had pets in our family - and in our hearts!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Spring!

Here's what was outside this morning!  Lovely early spring day, isn't it?

Looks a little too white to me!

But the good news is that, for the first time, I think my rosemary plant has survived the winter.  It was the first time I left it on the back porch instead of by a basement window.  It was also the first time I really pretty much neglected it.  I usually mist them periodically (until they die), and water as indicated.  This year I watered it just one time, and that was a couple of weeks ago.

Looks pretty good, huh?  Like it might just make it a few more weeks!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Christmas! All Over the World!

I thought I'd post some of my favorite old family Christmas photos.  Here you can see the evolution of my paternal grandmother's trees - her tiny tree (that's the back of my head, my brother and my dad circa 1962):
Her flocked tree (me rippin open gifts, and I guess my grandmother's handing them to me, probably around 1961):
Her real tree (cousin, brother, cousin, me):
Her aluminum tree (front to back - step-cousin, cousin, step-cousin, brother, cousin, me):
More photos!
My brother - new cowboy guns with holster and our American Bricks.
Christmas 1964 - see my wooden shoes instead of stockings hung?
 Christmas 1965 - Horsman Mary Poppins doll, "Profiles in Courage," and my microscope!
 About 1963 or 1964 - my brother in Santa Claus, Indiana in the middle of summer.
 Christmas 1959 at my maternal grandmother's home.
 My mom Christmas at about the same age in the same room (still have the doll highchair).
Mom with her grandfather at Christmas, circa 1940.
 My brother and I go see Santa - all I want for Christmas appears to be my two front teeth!
 Another Christmas with my mom - a new doll and dollhouse!
 My brother (front), two cousins and me around my paternal grandmother's kitchen table.  Love the floor!
 There's my brother shooting his six-shooter, and me with my Chatty Cathy and a bride doll of my mom's (composition).  I don't know what my dad's holding!
 My uncle (left side), my dad (right side) and their two cousins.  Looks like it's about 1949 or so.
 That's me - Christmas in Massachusetts about 1958.
 Another cousin photo at my paternal grandmother's house, 1964.
 Looks like Christmas 1956 in Kokomo, Indiana.  I still have the black piggy bank - not sure how it survived all these years!
 My brother and me - Christmas 1963.
 My brother and me and my smaller Barbie case (I got two of them that year!), at my maternal grandmother's house in Kokomo, Indiana about 1962.
 My brother, Christmas 1962, at my paternal grandmother's house in Windfall, Indiana.
 My parents, brother and me, looks like Christmas 1964 - Windfall, Indiana.
 Here we are again, Christmas 1963.
Hope you've enjoyed all of these vintage Christmases.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday, however and whatever you celebrate!
(My dog Ralph saying "Merry Christmas" and "Mom, take off this silly hat!" - he lived from 1993 to 2009)

And by the way, here's a really fun and easy craft from Pam and Kate at