Friday, September 28, 2012

My "New" Old Chairs!

Yesterday, my brother hauled a chair over to my house, a chair that my parents purchased sometime around 1962.  Here's my poor new chair:

I love it in spite of it's years-in-the-making flaws.  It's from the Broyhill Premier line.  The label was on the seat under the cushion and shows how lovely the fabric used to be.

Here is the way it looked in 1965 (you can just see the corner of it at the right of this Christmas photo of me):

And it's behind me in 1967 on my birthday:

Last year, I brought home another chair (you can also see it in the photo above on the other side of the little round table from the Broyhill chair).  Here's what that one looked like when it arrived:

And here it is in 1966, just to the left behind my sister's buggy:

I love these chairs, not just because they've been in my family for so long, and they're actually mine now, but also because they both have such clean and distinctive lines (and they're both comfortable to sit in, too!).  I wish they'd held onto this couch and chair long enough for me to have them now - I love these:

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Jan said...

Actually, that's NOT my chair in the black and white 1967 "birthday" photo - my mom and I neither one can figure out where that chair came from or where it went!