Friday, May 15, 2009

Speaking of Green...

This is my new rechargeable electric lawnmower. Yes, it's in my living room (well, it was when the photo was taken)! That's the battery charging at the left side of the picture. I love it! Well, if you can love a lawnmower, anyway! I have a reel mower, too (for anyone who doesn't know, the kind that has no motor and the blades rotate kind of like a cylinder), but this one is so much faster on a big lawn - and still green!


The A-Hole Guru said...

My parents used to have an electric mower. Only thing is it had a superlong cord you had to plug into an outlet.

I'd get jerked around all the freakin time by that damn cord catching onto all sorts of stuff. Grrr.

This looks way friendlier.

Anonymous said...

That mower is cute but it would never last in my yard--over 2 acres to mow!
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